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What are the benefits of introducing flexi working during the Olympic period? Q&A

Flexible working is good for your business, good for your staff, even good for the environment. It can help you function better, not only during the Olympics, but afterwards too, with many commercial advantages.


What do I need to know about the new flexible working rights? Q&A

Since 30 June 2014, all UK employees - no longer just parents and carers - have the right to request flexible working.


How do I manage off-site employees?

Advanced technology has led to an increase in the number of employees who work outside of traditional office settings. But for managers, telecommuters present a number of challenges.


What can business learn from the Olympics? Q&A

Everyone is talking about the legacy of the Olympics. So, in practice, how can I take on board their remarkable success and apply it to my business?


Driving long-term performance through people management in SMEs

A study entitled “Sustainable Organisation Performance Through HR in SMEs” has been undertaken specifically to address this oversight and begins by identifying four key stages that most SMEs find themselves in.


How can I reduce office downtime during Christmas?

It is important not to get sucked into the cooling off period during Christmas if work remains to be finished before a new quarter begins.


How do I respond to employees' social media activity?

With social media taking a large chunk out of each individuals time spent online, it's no surprise the use of these popular sites has made its way into the workplace.


What are the key employment law changes in 2013?

Make sure you kick off this year informed of ten important changes regarding employment law in 2013 to keep your business on the straight and narrow.


How should I approach my first managerial role?

It's often forgotten just how much of a balancing act good management is. Good managers make their role look easy so what they do can look deceptively simple.


What do I need to know to comply with the new Equality Act?

Staying up to date with revisions in laws that bring your employees in question can help ensure you are well equipped and on the right track when making management decisions.


How can I avoid making an unfair dismissal when re-structuring?

Employees due for maternity leave during a down-sizing exercise can be easily targeted for dismissal, leading to potential problems of discimination