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Here’s where you’ll find the latest regional and local trends, occupational reports, plus information on payroll and unemployment trends.

Article Monster and UCL - The Recruitment Reality Check

Lifting the Lid on the UK’s Changing Practices: In late 2013, Monster and University College London (UCL) partnered in a research project to help close the gap and identify the effectiveness of current recruitment practices.

Article Online Jobseeker Journey - Infographic

Our Online Jobseeker Journey infographic shows the results of our 2013 Employer Branding survey and some interesting stats about

Article Journey to Find Better Infographic

No jobseeker is the same. See how Monster's research led to the reasoning behind our latest media campaign, targeting people during their 'consumer journey' each day.

Article Monster and the Marussia F1™ Team Case Study

Using Monster’s global reach and Talent Management technology, the Marussia F1™ Team were able to quickly hone in on quality matches, improve operational efficiencies and bolster its employer brand.

Article Job Jargon Infographic

The Monster Job Jargon Infographic gives you some excellent insight on how different terminology affects candidate apply behaviour to your job posting and much more.

Article Salary Calculator

Use our unique tool to find out what the jobs you're recruiting for are actually worth in today's market.