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Easy to follow guides and training courses that will help you get the most out of your Monster experience.

Training Module Managing Account Settings

Make any change or alteration to your account that you see fit. Make one or multiple changes with the ability to save your choices and then return to them later.

Training Module Job Ad Smart Practices

There are a lot of job ads out there – make sure yours are seen first. Try these search engine optimiztion tips to pull ahead of your competition in search results

Training Module Creating Letters

Automatically thank candidates for applying to a job, schedule an interview with a candidate or follow-up with an interview.

Training Module Managing Letters

Manage the letters you have created in a concise and efficient manner.

Training Module Creating Screening Questionnaires

A screening questionnaire can be re-used on other job postings. The will help screen job seekers applying to your posting, which will assist you in understanding whether a candidate is a good match.

Training Module Searching with Classic CV Search

Get started finding candidates for your open positions with this step-by-step guide searching our classic CV search.

Training Module Boolean Logic

Boolean Logic is nothing more than the language we use to speak to our computers. It is a series of commands and operators that we use to combine keywords into meaningful phrases for our classic search engines.

Training Module Power CV Search Results

Learn how to view, manage, and take charge of the candidates found with Power CV Search.