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Monster Online Training

Monster Online Training

Creating and Posting a Job
Create and then post a new job advert quickly and easily.

Buying Job Postings
Purchase a single or multiple job postings which last for 12 months.

Creating Letters
Automatically thank candidates for applying to a job, schedule an interview with a candidate or follow-up with an interview. 

Managing Letters
Manage the letters you have created in a concise and efficient manner.

Creating Screening Questionnaires
A screening questionnaire can be re-used on other job postings. The will help screen job seekers applying to your posting, which will assist you in understanding whether a candidate is a good match.

Managing Job Postings
Select the job posting you wish to manage in a clear and easy way.

Managing Candidates
Arrange your candidates using filters and focus on individuals to ensure you choose the most suitable.

CV Actions
Use this option to arrange candidates according to their CV and determine your next step.
Searching for CVs
Search for candidates according to location, job title, education level among other options.
Boolean Logic
Boolean Logic is nothing more than the language we use to speak to our computers. It is a series of commands and operators that we use to combine keywords into meaningful phrases for our search engines.

Saving CV Searches
Save your recent CV searches for use at a later date.

Managing Account Settings
Make any change or alteration to your account that you see fit. Make one or multiple changes with the ability to save your choices and then return to them later.

User Role Descriptions
Each Monster login is set up as one of four roles in Monster. The four roles are Administrator, Super User, Standard User, or Hiring Manager.

Search Best Practices
Tips and hints how to make the best use of your search time.

CRM Best Practices
From subject lines to call to actions, there are hundreds of variables affecting the success or failure of a given email campaign. We have created best practices to help you design successful campaigns quickly.

Talent CRM
Monster’s Talent CRM allows you to message multiple candidates at once within Monster’s CV database.