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Preserve the Value and Strength of Your Recruitment Brand

Building a corporate brand can improve applicant pool quality by 54%.*

What if you could reduce turnover while building internal career development — effortlessly?

Monster Career Sites and Applications offer fully customisable solutions for candidates, employees, and recruiters. Our custom site builds include career site hosting, innovative solutions for matching jobs to candidates and matching employees to referral opportunities, and internal career development sites. Our applications for job matching uses semantic search to match jobs for seekers, referrals, and internal talent.

How To Use


Combined with Monster's job matching application, this solution can improve the seeker experience and significantly increase CV capture. It's a comprehensive, career site hosting solution, available as a compelling standalone or part of your integrated site.

Its benefits include a decrease in applicant drop-off through efficient matching, optional job matching applications plus added mobile interface and SEO to reach new audiences and drive organic traffic.


Transform your career site and improve candidate capture by giving seekers an easy way to find the right jobs by uploading their CVs.

Benefits include capture job seekers CVs upfront to increase response and enable targeted follow-up for future opportunities with detailed site tracking.


Your employee referral engine automates the job matching process and increases employee referral hires. Instantly match a candidate's CV with relevant, related jobs at your company. Available as a standalone or as a part of an integrated site.

Its benefits include launching or overhauling an employee referral site, reducing drop-off by capturing candidate CVs up front - with better CV matches and detailed site tracking.


Provides an internal mobility solution using semantic search to help employees find clear career paths in their organisation, plus give employers valuable insights into internal talent pools.

Benefits include using tools enabling employees to evaluate their skill sets against open positions. This promotes internal mobility, increases job matching and give access to reporting and analytics.

You can reduce turnover while building internal career development - effortlessly.

Combined with Monster's powerful job matching application you can significantly increase CV capture while offering a referral engine that automates the job matching process to increase employee referral hires.

*"Corporate Executive Board Employer Brand Survey 2014".

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