Monster Cloud Analytics

Insightful Analytics Software at Your Command

What if you could make more informed recruitment decisions to get the right hire - right now?

Understand Talent

Monster Cloud Analytics is about answering your questions, understanding your competition, and forecasting your future. Powered by our proprietary smart-search technology, 6Sense®, our cloud-based analytics platform helps you understand, plan, forecast, and manage your talent recruitment strategy.

Monster Cloud Analytics analyses the labour market with data from your own talent databases including current employees and candidates. So you can plan sharp recruitment strategies and make more informed hiring decisions. You'll also gain valuable insights into your current talent pools and industry data—providing instant analysis on challenges ranging from competitor moves, to planning new store locations, to targeted college hiring.

Key Benefits

  • Helps save you time and money armed with relevant data before making long-term decisions
  • Measure talent source performance and identify skill strengths, gaps, and trends
  • Access industry data to improve recruitment planning
  • Locate top schools for a specific qualification, top employers in a location, or top skills for a position

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