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Posting your job is easy.

It's fast and effective

Just provide a job title, job description, and location. It's really that simple. Of course, we recommend you add as much relevant detail as possible to make your job ad as attractive and informative as possible to job seekers. For tips on how to get your job posting more easily noticed and increase the number of applications, we've created an easy to use, step by step guide on how to Post a Job.

You get free screening and ranking tools

Looking for specific qualifications such as work authorisation, minimum work experience or minimum education level? Once applications start to come in, you can filter on these criteria to see only candidates who meet your requirements, making it easy to organise and rank CVs online.

You also get superior candidate management tools

View the status of your active job postings on your Monster homepage to see how many job seekers have viewed or applied to your job. Then, simply use the Manage Job Postings page to easily renew or remove your job postings.

We also offer free training and tutorials

Monster's easy-to-use online training and tutorials are geared to get you recruiting fast.

Please note: Each job credit allows you to advertise your job in one location and one category only. Advertising your job in additional locations or categories will result in additional costs.

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  • "Thanks to Monster, we were able to fill 2 languages based vacancies in under 2 weeks which recruiters weren't able to meet. Not only have we saved money, we have saved a considerable amount of time. Thanks to Monster's account management skills, we have had great support throughout this process. Thanks Monster!"
    Ragini Sidhu, Human Resources Officer, B & S Group