Monster Social Job Ads

Give your social recruiting a boost with job ads automatically targeted to candidates on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

What if you could quickly deploy social job ad campaigns that generate strong ROI, both in spend and candidate quality?

Monster Social Job Ads takes your social recruiting to the next level by targeting your jobs to both passive and active qualified candidates across the Twitter, Facebook & Instagram user base. Now you can quickly and easily find those "under-the-radar" candidates — people who might not be actively looking for a role, but may be a perfect fit for your open positions. With Monster Social Job Ads, implementing and maintaining a successful social recruiting strategy has never been easier.

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After a quick and easy initial set-up, our proprietary targeting technology will put your job ads in front of the right people on Twitter and Facebook.


Allow Twitter, Facebook & Instagram users outside of your established following to engage with your job ad.


Target qualified passive and active seekers within over 31 million active Facebook users, and Twitter's 15 million monthly active users.