Monster Talent Analytics

Insightful analytics software at your control

Even with the importance of HR Analytics widely recognised, 86% of companies surveyed, by Deloitte globally, say there are no analytics capabilities in their HR function.*

What if you could make informed, strategic recruitment decisions to get the right hire - right now?

Understand Talent

Monster Talent Analytics is about answering your questions, understanding your competition, and forecasting your future. Powered by our proprietary smart-search technology, 6Sense®, our analytics platform helps you understand, plan, forecast, and manage - making the work you do even better.

Monster Talent Analytics analyses the market with data from Monster's CV database. So you can plan recruitment strategies and make more informed hiring decisions. Plus, you'll gain valuable insights with instant analysis ranging from competitor moves, to planning new retail locations, to targeted graduate hiring.

On Business Development

What's the strongest location to recruit specialised talent for your next project?
You can view the strengths and weaknesses in specific locations or skill sets. You could also determine where to build the next location or staff the next project. By knowing where the talent lies, you can focus your recruiting and marketing efforts faster and more economically.

On Recruitment Campaign Success

How have marketing campaigns performed?
Empower your team to put recruitment spend towards the locations and skills that need the most attention - so you can build talent faster and hire more efficiently.

Only Monster can offer an analytics platform, powered by proprietary semantic search technology that offers a fast, insightful approach to making informed recruitment decisions to hire the right talent.

*"Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21-century workforce" - Deloitte Consulting LLP and Bersin by Deloitte

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