TALENTBIN® by Monster

Supercharge your Technical Recruiting with the Ultimate Sourcing Database.

In a skills-constrained environment, a company's ability to find, attract and access highly skilled people is critical to success. What if you could find, engage, and recruit hard-to-find technical talent where they live online–with one solution?

Only TalentBin by Monster provides the largest passive database of over 100 million public, skills-focused IT social profiles, gathered across 100+ websites, with multiple messaging capabilities.

What’s a technical recruiter to do?

There is a better way. Tech talent spends their days leaving huge amounts of rich professional activity across the rest of the Internet -- participating in social coding websites like GitHub, answering technical questions on Stack Overflow, attending local Java meetings organised through Meetup.com, or even just tweeting about what they do professionally on Twitter.

TalentBin by Monster allows technical recruiters to easily make use of these rich professional activities from relevant sites, making sense of candidate activity, and compiling those details into a rich professional profile, complete with contact information, ripe for recruiting!

With the award-winning TalentBin by Monster, you'll get actionable information and the tools to find “unfindable” technical talent. So you’re ready to engage — and hire.

  • Uncover in-demand technical talent
  • Engage in high impact, high volume outreach
  • Stay on top of your technical talent pipeline

Full 360-degree view of candidate

  • Extract professional activity
  • Analyse and score activity to surface skills and interests
  • Aggregate all available contact info (email address, Twitter etc.)

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Discover unfindable talent

Uncover talent based on real interests and actions.

High quality, technical talent is hard to recruit. These sought after individuals rarely actively seek new positions. Typically they have sparsely updated social profiles, making them hard to find. Engaging with them is nearly impossible. For example, thousands of LinkedIn recruiters inundate inboxes daily but, there is a better way.

Engage high impact outreach

Faster, more effective candidate outreach.

TalentBin by Monster offers tools to put your outreach into overdrive. From email addresses to social communication channels reach candidates wherever they spend time online. Integrated templates and integrated email functionality helps save valuable time and send targeted outreach to more talent, making use of the awesome social content TalentBin by Monster provides. Craft engaging communications, maximise response rates, and hire talent quicker.

Stay on top of your talent

Best in class organisational tools help you stay on top of your pipeline.

Connecting with top talent is just the beginning. We've designed powerful pipelining, candidate interaction tracking, and intelligent candidate relationship management into TalentBin. Open and click tracking with intelligent CRM helps you pinpoint who has opened emails and clicked on your job description - signifying interest but requiring additional follow-up. Whether it's engaging individuals one-on-one or sending bulk emails, follow ups can be done quickly and efficiently with TalentBin by Monster.