Job Candidate Management

  • Faster access to common tasks
  • More space for candidate viewing
  • Improved features

Our improved Job Candidate Management tool gives you access to the most common tasks – right at your fingertips. We’ve also maximized your online workspace by giving you the full screen view of folders and candidates, and improved page load time to speed up your workflow. Check them out!
Faster Access to Common Tasks
Perform most common tasks with two new toolbars: Folder Action Toolbar and Candidate Action Toolbar. These toolbars are “pinned” so they always appear on top when you scroll down the page. Your common tasks are now accessible wherever you are on the page.
The Folder Action Toolbar allows you to create and share folders, or even filter through folders quickly.
The Candidate Action Toolbar allows you to quickly view, print or forward CVs, send letters, or move/copy to a different folder or add a note – all with this toolbar.
More Space for Candidate Viewing
See more with more space. Begin managing candidates with our new Folder List. You can now see more information about your folders such as number of candidates and folder owners right from the start. Then easily access and navigate through folders by clicking on the folder name or the radio button to the left of the folder name and then clicking on “view candidates” on the toolbar to open the folder.
With our Candidate List, you can easily scan candidate information and perform a variety of tasks directly from the toolbar. Review multiple candidates easily or simply click the candidate name to review the candidate’s full information.
Quickly rate candidates as you review them with our new star-based rating system.
Our shortcuts allow you to generate a list of candidates across multiple folders via various pre-defined criteria.
Read more to get further help on managing candidates.

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