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Better jobs are out thereAt Monster, we're geared up and ready to help our clients Find Better in 2013. Our new advertising campaign will reach and connect with quality candidates throughout the UK – inspiring them to come to our site and be matched with our clients' job opportunities.

Whilst no two job seekers are the same, our messaging targets people at all stages of their job search. Whether they're actively seeking a new job or could just be tempted to move, our messaging will speak to these candidates throughout their daily activities.

Best of all, once these candidates are on our site, semantic search technology means that we can quickly match the most relevant, quality candidates to your job opportunities.


Better jobs are out there So how are we going to do it?

We know that there are active job seekers out there, but of even more significance is the 7.7 million passive job seekers who could be tempted to move.

We've already seen that job seekers are primed to find better, with Monster key statistics in January alone showing job views are up 71% and job applications up 36% since last year.
Read our infographic to find out the full results of our research.

We're ready to tap into this significant pool of potential candidates and lead them to your opportunities by engaging with their hearts and minds – understanding their challenges and inspiring them to take action.

There couldn't be a better time to advertise with Monster.


Wakey Wakey

Sponsorship of Capital Network Breakfast for four weeks

Reaching up to 3.9m listeners per week, jobseekers will wake up and smell the coffee in their own homes with our national/local radio sponsorship.

The message is aimed to inspire candidates to Find Better – better careers and greater fulfilment. It's an early morning wakeup call that sets the tone for the rest of their day.

Ad content and frequency

  • Capital Breakfast with Monster.co.uk (NB specific tag lines to be regionalised)
  • 3 x 10 sec credits per hour Monday – Friday 6am – 10am

Step to it

Strong Out of Home (OOH) advertising presence during the morning commute to inspire jobseekers

Our customer journey continues with the morning commute where we'll be engaging with your candidates as they go to work, with over 125 sites in national rail stations as they arrive into cities for work.

Statistics show overall our am and pm OOH ads will be seen over 111 million times on National Rail, 38 million times on the Underground, 37 million times on London roadsides and over two million times at Euston Station.

  • 257 OOH sites, across the Nation (including 10 London Escalator sites)
  • 4 pulses of OOH, spanning 2 months

Online &
on message

The Find Better message keeps reaching out to candidates at work through a host of online channels. The campaign thus maintains the 'customer journey' in the day, inspiring seekers to engage with Monster.

Our online campaign alone is estimated to be seen and heard over 981 MILLION TIMES.

  • Video seeding, YouTube preview, Premium ad networks, digital radio and mobile display.
  • 981m potential job seekers will be exposed to a Monster display ad over H1 2013
  • Estimated 950k Job Seekers are expected to visit the Monster.co.uk site from a Display ad
  • Estimated 800k video view counts driven through Digital
  • 54m Mobile handsets to be targeted with Monster ads


Strong Out of Home (OOH) advertising presence during the evening commute to stimulate job searching

As the jobseeker leaves for home, they'll come across repeat exposure of the morning commute message, viewing live client vacancies, we encourage them to act on the morning inspiration – and start their search on the way home.

In all cases, the Monster message will offer varied creatives including live job feeds and eye catching designs.

What's on TV? It's Monster!

Here we approach the final stage of the daily consumer journey, where our TV adverts reach candidates during their favourite prime time TV shows and encourage job seekers to start searching for new job opportunities. Our TV advertising campaign will be seen on approx 180 stations, providing entertainment – and real food for thought – for potential job seekers.

  • Over 72m will see our TV advert, with each person seeing it nearly four times each.
  • Our TV creative will be live on 28 days, across a 42 day period.
  • Our Video on Demand will deliver 3.5m impressions.

Our TV ads tested really positively in consumer focus groups – they equated the high quality production as a reflection of a high quality product. Thanks to Monster's superior products including semantic search and the reach of our vast network of sites we're poised to inspire job seekers to Find Better.

It's a great time to be advertising with Monster

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